Sunday, May 30, 2010

You know..

I started this blog to chronicle my journey in retirement, to express myself, to inform, to teach. I always have something to write about, I'm afraid it just won't interest people, because it's everyday life for me.

Then I read about other people's lives and they fascinate me, like Nick Russell, Bob Parker and Donna Huffer, Diana Tolerico, Karen Minard, even Jim Twamley at times. I follow a lot of blogs and the people are so interesting.

The hits on my blog mostly show up around my Hughes Autoformer (rv voltage regulator) discussion, my 454 Casull and Raging Bull blog, and the Delta Shores blog, so I can see what people are searching for.

Very few people visit the Natalie Anderson blogs, even though she's a fascinating person, she has not been discovered yet. One of these days, I will say "I knew her when..." or "I was in a serious relationship with..."

Ahh, memories..., soon I will have some more, I plan on attending the All Class Reunion in Greybull Wyoming, I graduated high school way-back when. I've been in Idaho, doing the yearly thing on my mothers yard, setting up watering, killing/chopping weeds and various "getting ready for summer" things to the house.

I did take a 3 day trip up to Lewiston, Id. to pick up a single ATV rack, all aluminum, even though I don't have an ATV yet, I'd like to be prepared when I find that perfect bargain. The first night(60AH) we (I took Mom) stayed by the road side on Hwy 95 near Mesa, Id., the second night(112AH) we "wallydocked" in Clarkston, Wa. and the third night I found a cute little RV park near Huntington/Farewell Bend, Or. (Oasis RV) $13 for full hookups. This allowed me to recharge the batteries(down 80 AH), get a shower and dump the black water tanks before getting back to Mom's home in Idaho. We even spent the day in Nampa/Boise going from Treasure Shop to Treasure Shop.

On recharging the house batteries while driving.. since I listed the AH (Total Amp Hours used) each night. Whether this will be of interest to anyone will be seen in the hit counters.

I've found driving on the road will recharge the batteries about 10 AH for every hour of driving with my diode setup, I suspect if I used a solenoid, I would get better recharging since I would not have the voltage drop of the diodes. I have a Trace 500 amp-hour meter and battery monitor, to go along with the Tripp-Lite 3000 watt inverter.