Monday, November 23, 2009

Delta Shores, beautiful and sunny

I'm at Delta Shores once again, delta-dawn-whats-that-oh-delta-shores.html

It's on my list of good places to stay, the days are warm, with a little breeze and it's within reach of anyplace in Northern/Central California, It's an hour from both Sacramento and San Fransisco, the traffic is a bit lighter here than the bigger cites, but it's still more than I'm used to for the last year. Everything is accessible, and I visited my first Fry's Electronics, (oh my, the money I spent there.) (More mods upcoming on the trailer from that shopping trip) The resort is wonderful as before, the cost is perhaps the best part. $2 a night, full hookups. Ice cream socials, pancake breakfasts and potlucks every week, even Thanksgiving dinner. It's a K/M sister park and K/M members are treated royally here. There are quite a few big rigs here, more than I've seen here before, although some are leaving today. My little travel trailer looks funny parked around them.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Headin' to warmer weather?

Here I am, below Gold Beach, Oregon headed south under cloudy skies. To the east I can see snow capped hills, and the Siskiyou's reported 12 inches new snow.

I stayed dry all the way into California. Near Port Orford the wind was gusting, and the waves were crashing, I wanted to stay and watch but the truck and trailer were rocking from side to side.

I ran out of dry road and into darkness just north of Eureka, and have pulled into a rest stop on Hwy. 101. California Rest Areas let you stay (rest) for 8 hours during a 24 hour period. I have batteries and an inverter, propane, onboard water and dump tanks, why not just take advantage of anything California offers for free? I'm even getting 15 channels of TV (8 digital) With the Verizon Air card I have internet access and get to upload a photo. LIFE IS GOOD...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A reason to like the West Coast

One of the reasons to like the West Coast is the Sunsets, the most beautiful sunsets are here. Now I suppose if you live on the East Coast you could brag about the sunrises, I'm never up at that time of day anymore, so I could care less about the sunrise. (It's enough just to wake up these days. Whether the sun is up or not, the question does not arise until I poke my head outside.) One of the reasons to dislike the West Coast is California, which takes up a majority of the coast. (Is there a joke there?) I could go on with California jokes here, from Guv Ahnold to Hollywood Hijinks. I say it's a fine place to visit briefly, as long as you can afford it. I am here on the Long Beach Peninsula (Washington) enjoying Stud Clam Chowder once again at the Portside Cafe. A friend in the area also recommends Chico's Pizza, says all the locals dig it.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Birds on Wire.. Seattle.. and moving again?

As you may be able to tell, I went up to the Seattle area again, some rainy weather, some nice weather, my friend was moving again, this time from Kent into Seattle proper. Talk about location, she's now downtown, close to EVERYTHING... and the cutest apartment. By the way, the above photo is one of her paintings/mixed media in a series titled "Birds on Wire" I had a fun time, got tired and sweaty at times... but everything was finally accomplished before I got snowed on again, (I got a little snow at Tall Chief RV Resort near Redmond.) On finishing I headed down to the Long Beach Peninsula (Chinook, Ilwaco, Seaview, and Long Beach)