Friday, June 20, 2008

New trailer....

With the price of diesel skyrocketing, the miles I've accumulated on the fifth wheel (she 's gettin' loose in places.) I decided to get a new (smaller) trailer, I want to cut down on the wind load and weight.

I'll place my fifth wheel either on the coast, or down south..(haven't decided exactly where yet) and use the small trailer for trips around the country..

I looked at this trailer...

Then thought maybe not, I'd have too much fun.

So I'm headed out to look at trailers from in the Idaho area this weekend..

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Do you realize how mortal you are?

A couple of weeks ago, I went up to Hailey, Idaho, with my mother, and with some relatives to decorate graves (Memorial Day.) I walked over to the graves of my grandmother and aunt, and saw something that made my heart quiver and travel up into my throat....

Reflecting on my life, I've had good friends and a lot of good times, I remember the good times better, and the bad times don't seem to matter, I've always been that way, I don't stay down very long, I know some people that make a life of putting you down and being down, I feel sorry for them.

I remember my first love, and other loves, but can hardly remember bad things about love and lovers. There are some I don't think about any more and some I think about every day, only they know why. By the way, my first love dedicated a song to me on the radio in 1986, "Thats What Friends Are For" (Dionne Warwick and friends)

Does it sound like I'm getting a bit philosophical? I'm probably closer to my death than my birth, and that just hits a person hard, as you come to realize it. I'm expecting many more sunsets, and love, and plan to travel more... sometimes you just gotta sit and think...

Here is what got me thinking........

All nice and pretty, this gravestone is already laid in the Hailey Idaho Cemetery, it's been bought and paid for, as has the plot itself. All paperwork is in the a firesafe in Hagerman, ID ( Cuz Jamie knows where) Just in case something goes wrong, I want someone to know, to care, and see I'm put in the right place. :0)

By the way, I've decided I want "Loving Her Was Easier" (than anything I've ever do again) (Kris Kristofferson) sung at my funeral. (Dedicated to my famous friend)

and one other song to send me on my way, "Angels Watching Over Me" (Amy Grant.)