Monday, October 05, 2009

Mother Natures Way of telling me to move on...

One day I'm under the trailer, checking brackets and rustproofing the frame, the next day?

I have to find my one pair of socks, my one pair of boot like shoes (Doc Martens,) and my one pair of Levis. Of course I'm kinda skimpy on coats also, but I have a fleece/Goretex combo that will do in a pinch.

Thats over 6.5 inches on the hood.

Looks like a good test for the new bumper boxes.

Now I gotta air up my trailer tires because the Pressure Pro system is telling me I only have 43 lbs in one of the tires, (maybe the 22 degree out side temperature has something to do with it.)

The trailer is performing like a champ, keeping me warm and toasty, I had unhooked the water and put 15 gallons more in the water tank when I saw the temps dropping. The small electric heater on low (900/1500 watt) keeps the bedroom area about 66 and the rest of the inside about 61.

At .04 KWH, it's cheaper than propane. The conversion factor is 27 (26.85) in deciding what to use. (.04 x 26.85 = $1.08, meaning propane would have to cost less to be more cost effective. $0.12 KWH is about the break even point for most of the country) Of course the bathroom seat is a little chilly and puckers me a bit. The Hunter Digital thermostat kicks the furnace on when the temps get real low. I set it to kick on a couple of times during the night to keep the water tanks from freezing.

I'm doing inside projects now until I can pull out of Rock Springs, Wy. and head toward the nearest coast. (magnetic catches on the screen door, couple of 12 volt wiring projects, some more LED lighting, cleaning the crevices and such.)

I encountered a couple of sub-freezing days and one kinda snow day while wintering on the Oregon coast last year. Nothing like Wyoming to bring back memories though. I lived in Southwest Wyoming for 12 or so years, and in Park City Utah for 16 years, so dealing with snow is one of the reasons I went on the road, still chasing that perfect 70 degree weather.