Friday, July 27, 2007

Woman fends off her attacker with pepper spray

Out of Chicago area, a woman fends off a sexual assault/rape attack with a keychain pepper spray.

Personally I don't think the keychain pepper spray has enough spray to be effective for very long, but it sure makes it handy. This video shows the woman to be "heads up" and actually have the pepper spray in her hand, even though she didn't see the attack coming. Good job on someones part on preparing this non-victim.

Video-NBC in Chicago

Thursday, July 26, 2007

In memoriam

Zen Blend

I found and downed my last bottle of Zen Blend the other day, this concoction was made by SOBE in the early 2000's. Originally Zen Blend was billed as a triple ginseng tea blend with schizandra. The bottle ingredient label reveals it contains Panax Ginseng (50 mg.), siberian ginseng (100mg), American ginseng (50mg),
and schizandra (100mg) with 100% RDA Vitamin C.

Other ingredients included grape juice, tea solids, high fructose corn syrup and filtered water. At only 250 calories per 20 ounce bottle it was a treat.

It started getting harder and harder to find, after talking to a SOBE rep, he said rumors were going around about ginseng overdose from people drinking too much. No word yet from SOBE on that one.

The current Zen Tea reminds me of "red zinger" more than the Zen Blend of yesteryear and of course doesn't have the kick it used to have.

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