Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow, what a pizza experience..

I'm staying in the Phoenix area with the WIN group, tonight we went out for pizza, all I can say is WOW. The pizza itself was okay, I don't like crunchy crust pizza myself, preferring a chewy pie instead.

The best thing? the tremendous show, the Worlds Largest Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. Some information about the organ, the organist started with "76 Trombones", then played the theme from "Titanic","Pink Panther" and many others. It's hard to believe all of the flutes, pipes, strings, drums, cymbals, bells, accordion, tambourines, birds, and oohgah horns came from one person at the console, stroking keys, flipping switches and pushing pedals. It was the best show ever, (I stayed through two sets) for only the price of a pizza. The sounds soared through the rafters and vibrated through the floor, one moment taking you on a flight of fancy and then crashing to the earth. It was one of those WOW moments....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Salvation Mountain - Midnight Ridazz

Shouts out to the Midnight Ridazz that I met at Slab City and Salvation Mountain. From Yuma/Winterhaven area, I decided to hit Slab City before moving east.
The WIN dance rally will be in Casa Grande, Az. and it sounds like fun. Hope my feet can handle it, I've been walking between 3 and 5 miles a day so the feet are tougher. Salvation Mountain (wiki) (official website) was a hoot, so much has been written about it, but you have to go there to see and experience it for yourself, nothing will prepare you for the grandeur, love and color in the area. I took a few photos, (Midnight Ridazz) but cannot hope to capture the feeling there.