Monday, May 21, 2007


Catalina Spa and RV park for those "in the know." A wonderful place, not too far from Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs. Luxurious spas with hot tubs and warm pools, quiet neighbors and little fellows.

The hummingbirds and other birds in the area eat all the bugs, like this one is. I stayed for a week and could have stayed longer. My total cost for the weeks stay? $56 including water, electric, sewer and wifi. This is one of the best places I've stayed at, even if it was in California.

A year?

Theres been a lot of changes I see. Still can't get the stop lights right?

Has it really been that long? Well howdy all, it's been a year since I left Park City. I hear people have left both the city and the county. Most likely because of the people in power and the work conditions. Seems there is no trust in law enforcement these days. It's a damn shame when cops are treated as suspects for internal matters. Nuf said on that subject. Thanks to all that correspond, it's fun hearing about the shit and not having to play the game. Anyone else retire, isn't it about time? I'm having the time of my life. I've driven around the US once, so far. I plan on doing it again, visiting more places, meeting more friends. Canada is not for this year, but next year. Passports are getting here slowly. Y'all can leave a message for me here in the comments or email me directly. :o) Best of luck and stay safe!!

I figured I'd just post this picture for the hell of it.
I don't have to worry about my friends either, or what we do.

I cringe

Every time I see someone hauling a car with the 1 inch ATV straps on it. I found this in Southern California, behind you can see the Fraizer Park Chevron just off I-5. I think his tongue weight is too high. Why don't the damn brakes work on this Humvee? It's not the acceleration that gets you, it's the braking.