Monday, May 26, 2008


In the last two weeks, I have been incredibly lucky finding two friends from college days.. And another from work.. One started me skiing, the other I took skiing and maybe started skiing, (it's been a long time,) the third I skied and raced against.
All are still incredible and have done much with their lives. Each helping humanity in their own way. I feel honored to know them and count them as friends.

The first, whom I knew quite well, has become internationally famous as an actress. From humble beginnings in Utah, through college in Rock Springs, Wy. and onto the University of Utah. There she gave great performances in local theaters, including the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Ut. She eventually left Utah and went to Southern California, where all promising actors go, I guess. She called me on Saturday, (5/24) after hiking in the mountains, and told me about her life since I had last seen her in SoCal/2002. Such a gripping story, but alas, it is hers to tell, when and if she wishes. I still hope she publishes her poems and some more of her art. I have told her, no matter how famous she becomes, she will still be in my heart.

Onto the second, growing up in western Wyoming, and going to college in Rock Springs, Wy., then moving out into the world into Respiratory Therapy. I happened to be on the Internet reading about the first (famous) friend (FFF) and a chance comment left in a blog caught my eye, (an indication FFF was known to the second person,) through the comment section and subsequent emails, I think communication has once again been established. It will be fascinating to hear this story also.

The third person, (from work) will be met in warmer climes in the coming year, I hope, maybe sooner as you never can tell...... (it's cooler in August in Washington State) :o)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quotes from/for PCPD

This first is for Lloyd.. Although I didn't say it, I'll copy it and give the quote it's/he's due..

"Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on."

Robert Kennedy (1925-1968)

Other famous quotes......

"Give me a way to win"

"Is it the red book or the blue book today?"

"What about Bob?"

"The square footage of the house, and the further it is up the hill, is directly related to the attention given to a complaint by police administration."

"On any given day, on any given call, my status as a "golden boy" can be changed"
(sorry to see you go but glad you got out of there..RK)

"Do you have a gold card, Sir?"

"He was drunk and he didn't obey me"
(reason given by "cluster" after pepper spraying a man, then doing a cite and release)

Hopefully I'll get some anonymous help here.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I spent some time

Spent some time mapping all the places I've been with my trailer, and how many miles I've put on it, and on my truck...

I bought my GMC Sierra Duramax/Allison pickup in March 2004 and now have just over 101,000 miles on it, my first tank of diesel in Kellogg, Idaho cost me $1.83 a gallon.... (4.69 gal today)

I picked up the trailer in Houston, Tx. in April 2005, what a fun trip with a friend, although it could have turned out better, we had fun.... That first trip with the trailer from Houston to Hagerman, Id. was 2160 miles in less than a week. Since I bought the trailer I have put 27,120 miles on it. I've spent about $4000 on upgrades, ($1600 LP genset, $750 rubber pin box, $440 in new rims, $440 in new tires, $300 Surge/Overvoltage Guard, and a few odds and ends.)

I really have enjoyed it all, I've learned a few things, made some new friends and renewed some old friendships.... I look back on my life and pity people who don't take a chance, that always play it safe, those who don't stop and smell the roses..... Slow down, take a look around, and appreciate what you have..

Love and Bless y'all...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pet Peeves (Flossing)

The following scenario is a true story......Layton, Utah, Gary, a friend of my paintball teams captain, worked as a manager at Ultimate Electronics. He was finishing his house, and was hanging some of the drywall while alone. The walls were finished, but while trying to hang the overhead, he decided to use the only table in the basement at the time, a pingpong table... Needless to say, it collapsed with the weight, he fell and broke both collarbones and wrists attempting to catch himself. At this point his loving wife takes him to the hospital, where he gets the works, he is placed in a upper body cast from the neck to just above the waist, with both arms forward and out. (reminding me of the lumbering monsters in old movies.)

His loving wife now has to do everything for him, feed him, drive him, and various other things...... About all he can do is click the remote and watch TV, he can't even use a mouse to play on the net.
One night in the first week, she sees him settled in with a Big Gulp and the remote, she tells him she's heading for the store and will be gone just a short while. Fine, everything's cool, UNTIL the Big Gulp is about finished, he wanders into the bathroom. Now picture this, he can't hold himself because his arms/hands are about three feet apart in the upper body cast, so he has to sit and hope it drops enough to hit the toilet, he manages to squirm around enough to get it in. BUT.. while sitting there another natural urge overtakes him, fine, he takes a dump also, after all it's natural....

On getting up, he finds he has managed to close the bathroom door behind him, he doesn't know if his wife is home or not, BUT.. he has another problem, he can't wipe himself, his arms/hands are solidly placed a waist level in front of him... he can't open the door, cause his fingers can't grasp the doorknob, he tries his mouth to open the door to yell for his wife to help....if she's even home.. He can't get the door open, and he's made the room very soundproof because it's close to the downstairs family room.

He's in a quandary, he finally cleans himself up a bit by draping ends of one of the nice bath towels over each hand, stepping over it and using a see saw (flossing) motion.
He leaves the towel in the bathtub, as it's now stinky, eventually his wife comes looking for him, and saves him from the bathroom. Of course, she's not happy with the towel or the bathtub, but after the explanation admits he had no choice......

And that leads me to a new "Pet Peeve"..

I know when you're on the road, you've never used a public bathroom, but if you did, have you ever looked at the bathroom tissue, besides being shiny, made from recycled materials, and placed in a can that only distributes 3 squares at a time, it is only about 3 inches wide, get real, Wal-mart, Target, Flying J.. it's just not fair, do the American public a favor, replace your floss with a brand name.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Should I feel hurt? or is this too funny?

I found a neat video of racing RV's, I sent it to some people I know who RV, and would get a kick out of it.

Lo and behold, the emails I sent to people at were all returned. with the following message.......

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: Gmail tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. The error that the other server returned was: 551 551 Mailhost is on our global blacklist (Mode: normal). We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. Thanks for your continued support. (state 14)

My email address was rejected? by PERM FAILURE?

A fine example of Park City Municipal/Police Department constipation or obstipation?

This is just too funny, it looks like Park City municipal is scared of me sending emails to some of my old friends..... Or is this part of the general fear of the unknown, am I going to send them virii, worms, trojans, or some such..... yeah, yeah, I gonna DOS them, DDOS em or make the entire Park City network a robot site bending to my will...

Is this another example of the ostrich effect (putting their head in the sand?), I figured the new IT department would know better by now, they were much much smarter than the old Daughtee/Sunday combination.

So I just used another email address to let everyone know, you can't ban them all guys...

BTW, if you say your just banning all gmail addresses, you are losing the ability to recieve messages from millions of Gmail users, do you really want to do that?

P.S. On followup, a nice IT person at recipient Park City Muni unblocked gmail after one of the email recipients complained. It was possibly an over-enthusiastic spam filter....