Thursday, July 12, 2012

A palace, some trips and warm weather..

Geo and I went to Vancouver, Salmon Creek and Longview, Wa. yesterday, he to the doctors and I to kill some time, we hit Home Depot and Walmart, ate at Subway and TacoTime.  It was so warm inland that Geo left Bubba home.  It's getting up to 104F in Hagerman where Mom resides, the air conditioning is having a hard time keeping up during the day, so a larger one may be needed these few days of the year where the temp gets so bad.  I am headed down to Idaho today or tomorrow to assist in fixing things, from sprinkler timers, computer CMOS batteries to Air Conditioning. I'll probably leave my travel trailer here in Seaview along with my fifth wheel.

P.S.  I think it got up to 68F here on the Peninsula... 

EternaBond Roof Seal, roofing nails and a design to battle the dreaded rubber roof BUBBLE

We worked on Georges Palace (fifth wheel) and his rubber roof on Sunday/Monday designing and laying down waterproof patterns to prevent the dreaded air bubble from popping up during travel and the flaps and flops during windy weather.  The vents, front and back caps were also cleaned and sealed during the long day up and down the ladders.  This process negates having to use a couple of tubes of Dicor every year to catch those nasty cracks and leaks.  This doesn't mean you don't check (and clean) your roof anyway, it just means for the next 12 to 20 years you won't be using much Dicor.