Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reno pepper spray sales up......

Taser, pepper spray sales soar
Siobhan McAndrew (SMCANDRE@RGJ.COM)

Area retailers said they can't keep up with the demand for pepper spray.

Local sporting good stores and gun shops have sold thousands of the aerosol spray canisters that can incapacitate an attacker by causing temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, a runny nose and coughing.

The killing of Brianna Denison by what police say is a serial rapist has many young women looking for any line of defense, retail clerks said.

"We probably sell 30 to 40 of them a day," said Robert Currier of the Scotland Yard Spy Shop on Virginia Street. "We have a list of 30 people who have already paid and are waiting for us to stock it again."

The REI store has been turning away customers looking for a spray used to fend off bear attacks as a method of defense.

"Bear spray is not for anyone looking for a product for personal safety," said James Hedges, a manager at REI.

Sports Authority's two Reno locations have been out of pepper spray for a few days; ABC Lock and Glass in Sparks said its stock of more than 1,000 canisters ran out this weekend.

David Currier, owner of the Scotland Yard Spy Shop, drove Tuesday to Sacramento to get 160 canisters after selling almost 400.

The most popular model is a half-ounce canister in a leather case that can be attached to a key chain.

The spray, made from resins found in a variety of peppers including cayenne and chilis, can be a great defense, experts said.

"When people have trained to use it and are using a good product, it works great," Tracy Hawkins, a safety trainer and owner of the Safety and Security Source in Kansas City, Mo., adding that personal alarms also are effective.

"People discount them because they say car alarms just go off in a parking lot and no one pays attention, Hawkins said. "The fact that the car is still in the parking lot proves it works."

Pistol and stun gun sales have increased at local gun shops.

"We have had probably two or three times more people in here looking at guns because of Brianna Denison," said Marion Morreale of the Gun Trader on Plumb Lane.

She said the most popular item has been the Five-Shot .38 revolver that sells for $640.

The C2, a civilian-use Taser designed for women, has been a popular item at Mark Fore & Strike, a sporting goods store on Kietzke Lane.

Reno police recommend that buyers of defense weapons get training.

"I was talking to a young woman the other day who purchased pepper spray and she had no idea how you were supposed to use it," Reno police officer Kellie Fox said. "If you don't know how to use something or you're not comfortable with it, it's not going to help."

Personal weapon rules
Pepper spray: Can be used by anyone 18 and older who is not a felon. No more than 2 fluid ounces of pepper spray can be carried for self-defense. Tear gas, commonly called Mace, sells as a pepper spray product. Some companies still make a product that is a combination of tear gas and pepper spray. Police stopped using tear gas because it causes severe pain and can aggravate more than incapacitate an assailant.
Pistol: Can be purchased by anyone older than 21 after a state and federal background check and must be registered, unless purchased from a private seller. Local gun shops said the background check should take no more than an hour.
Taser or stun gun: Legal to carry in Nevada. Cannot be used by anyone younger than 18 or anyone who has been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment, is a fugitive, has been arrested or convicted of drug use or possession, is an illegal immigrant, is committed to a mental institution or has been convicted of domestic violence.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Women with Protection.......

Weapons For Women

News story

Reported By: Katie Brace

A mother and daughter found murdered outside the Town Center Mall.

Shopper says, "I'm concerned about my safety with what's going on and everything."

Another woman last seen alive leaving the shopping center. Plus, reports of two other attacks.

Shopper says, "I carry pepper spray now and I have a pocket knife."

When it comes to having extra protection and a feeling of security, Joe Rice at Delray Shooting Center is getting a lot more questions these days.

Joe Rice, manager of Delray Shooting Center, says, "We appear to be doing more Taser purchases, more pepper spray purchases and our concealed weapons classes have been full."

In the non-lethal weapons market. Taser is trying to capture your attention with its sultry advertising. Its range of stylish colors doesn’t hurt. At 350 to 400 dollars, it’s not cheap.

Joe Rice says, "It's a decent alternative to buying a gun for someone who doesn't want to buy a gun."

The Taser will buy you time, only if you hit your mark. And, you only have one shot.

Joe Rice says, "You would Tase the person and drop the item to ground. It will operate for thirty seconds you run away."

With the Taser you can stand about 15 feet away, it’s much different than this…stun gun.

Nick Lipschultz, P.A.R. Firearms & Supplies, says, "If someone grabs you push into them and start zapping until they fall to the ground and run." "A football player will go down in five seconds."

Susan Lipschultz, P.A.R. Firearms & Supplies, says, "Unless there in a really heavy jacket, it's going to go through denim it's going to go through clothing."

There’s one product dealers say can potentially disable attacker for up to an hour.

Nick Lipschultz says, "The oil sticks to them and doesn't wipe away."

Kimber’s LifeAct is relatively new on the market. It’s an oil based pepper spray that can be used further away than the aerosol pepper spray you’re probably used to seeing.

Susan Lipschultz says, “Step in spray and leave."

Dealers say it uses a charge like a firearm and is less likely to blow back on your face.

Reporter asks, “If someone wore a mask or glasses?”

Joe Rice says, "It would go around glasses it could go through a mask." “I would rate this up there in the realm as pretty high up in the range of non lethal weapons.”

Dealers say just pulling out one of these weapons can be a deterrent. They also say it can make women more confident making them less likely to be attacked. But, if you’re attacked don’t hesitate.

Susan Lipschultz says, "The biggest mistake is not having the frame of mind, as Nick, said to realize if you're in that situation you have to take action."

Whatever the weapon, the key is you feel comfortable with your choice, so you don’t become a victim.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lake Havasu City

I'm in Quartzsite AZ since the first part of January, lots of Flea Markets, swap meets, the QIA PowWow (rock, gem and mineral show) and the BigTent RV Show with all the newest stuff in RVing, that you so desperately need. All I bought was some cinnamon bread, some AmsOil MPHD, and a few LED lights that work great and take very little power from the battery.

I took a trip up to Lake Havasu City, to see the sights, London Bridge, and all that. I never got a good shot of the most photographed thing in LHC, but took photo's of the sunset near the lake.

I'll be meandering north about the first week of March.