Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm still in Las Vegas, currently residing at the Main Street Station RV park. Ok, it's a parking lot with hookups, and at six in the morning I was awoken with loud crashes and screeches. I look out the window and see a nearby building being demolished, it even looks like a nice sunrise (something I don't see a lot of.) I walked out and took a few photos, when my flash went off, a couple of workers ran and got a fire hose and began watering down the building. (guilty conscience?) I went back in my condo on wheels and put in earplugs (memories of sleeping after graveyard shift) and slept peacefully till noon. Fremont Street Experience and Light Show is less than three blocks away, so we went and experienced it for about 4 shows during an evening. I'm waiting for the northern US to warm up, and I'll head north, theres things to to do and people to see, passports to pick up and puppy dogs to get checked out by the vet.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I just sat out and watched my last sunset this year in Quartzsite, it was nothing spectacular, some nice color and a few westbound neon jet contrails.

I've spent many evenings watching the sunset and appreciating God's splendor and man's contribution of some smog. The colors touch something in the soul. I realized I've missed sunsets every evening for 16 years working in Park City, there are no sunsets, the sun just disappears behind the mountain and the coolness settles in. I did have some great sunrises on graveyard shift, but theres nothing like a good sunset.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My final week in QZ

I'm leaving Quartzsite on March 9th, my birthday and heading to Las Vegas. It's been fun, I didn't upgrade nearly as much this year, I did all the big stuff last year. I worked on my metal awning covers a bit, making them a bit more sturdy. I did invest in some more tools, still a lot of tool venders in town for some reason. I cleaned and polished the truck and trailer some. It's hard with the water here leaving large salt spots if you don't dry it off immediately, it felt like a losing battle. I did some work on the internet situation, getting a wireless print server and modifying it to receive wifi internet to multiple computers in the trailer. It's using the print server backwards from what it was meant to be, but it works very well and will work well in long term situations. It's not the quickest setup I've used. I need to hack the code a bit and make it more user friendly.

Here is a map to where I've been staying, there is a gray rooftop in the lower left quadrant near the cross roads, a brown rectangle just to the left (concrete slab) I'm parked about 20 feet west (left) of the "slab", last year I was parked on the slab,

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Another pepper spray SAVE in California

Yes, I sell pepper spray and tasers..... with results like this, why don't you carry pepper spray with you all the time. It's legal and can save you....

Woman drives off El Segundo attacker
By Larry Altman, Staff Writer

A sexual-assault victim used pepper spray to fend off an assailant who grabbed her and pinned her to the ground as she walked in El Segundo, police said Saturday. The attack occurred at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday as she walked at Franklin Avenue and Richmond Street, close to the city's downtown area and near a residential area of condominiums, apartments and houses. Detectives released a sketch of the suspect in the hope someone can identify him. "We are really just seeking anyone's help," El Segundo police Lt. Bob Turnbull said. "It's a very good composite. Hopefully someone will see that composite and give us some leads." As the 20-year-old woman walked, the assailant grabbed her from behind, spun her around and forced her to the ground between two parked cars. He straddled her and assaulted her through her clothes, Turnbull said. The victim pulled out pepper spray in defense and aimed it at the man. He became overwhelmed, coughed, gagged and ran away. The victim told police the man was white, about 30 years old, 6 feet tall, and about 200 pounds. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair, cut short on the sides and parted on the top. He has a goatee on an unshaven face, a weathered facial complexion, a muscular build and a fat stomach. He was wearing a gray T-shirt and blue jeans. Turnbull said the scariest part of the attack was that it occurred in broad daylight. Despite that, nobody witnessed the assault.

Anyone with information about the attack was asked to call El Segundo police Detective Ken Mulroney at 310-524-2200.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A star appeared in the sky

Sometimes in this world there are events that affect a lot of people. RVers everywhere will feel the loss of Dave Baleria. He was a great instructor, an avid RVer and a brother in blue. Many RVers have listened to him over the years on issues like self-defense and being practical roaming the heartland, during Life on Wheels courses. A prayer goes out to speed him on his way to the great campground in the sky, where he will be watching over us all.

Avoid - Escape - WIN are the watchwords we all remember.