Monday, December 11, 2006

Driving down the road I saw a ....

Great big CAT
(largest free fare bus line in the US)
It has a NightCat, dubbed "The Vomit Comet"
A truly fun little town full of energy.
Where am I?

One of the interesting road signs in my travels.
This was found next to the levee in the background
and where I was introduced to a real satsuma.
Where am I?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Strong Odor of ......


In a state that prides itself on Barbeque, this small town rolls up the sidewalk at 6pm, no BBQ to be had. So I drive over to the Pizza Hut just a quarter mile down the road. As I'm preparing to get out of my truck I smell an odor, hmmm, might be a little diesel from the last fill up.. I open the door and the odorous air assaults my lungs, I choke and cough, my eyes tearing up from the strong odor of OIL. Crude I'd guess. Just about lost my appetite right there. I look around and find a pumpjack nearby emitting the noxious odors. But... after looking around some more, they are all over town, hiding.. the flamingo was the odoriferous one..

behind the Dairy Queen (check out the DQ chaps)

in front of the Dollar General store,

in back of the Dollar General store,

over by the railroad tracks.

By the way the Barbecue at the "City Market" was great, you walk in to the back smokehouse, they grab some paper, pile on the ribs, brisket and links that you order, grab handfuls of sliced white bread and toss it on the top, you walk out dripping grease on the floor over to your table. You go dish up some beans, grab a bottle of local BBQ sauce(mustard/vinegar base), some sweet tea, sit down and chow!

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