Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quartzsite-2010 style

"Necessity is the mother of all invention" didn't get it far wrong. I had decided to stay in a warmer climate again this year. The place I had stayed in years past in Quartzsite Arizona was having legal problems along with the rest of the town of Quartzsite.

Out of necessity I decided to try boondocking, I have a different rig, more efficient than the New Horizons fifth wheel I had before, so I parked out at the Dome Rock 14 day area for a while and then moved up to Plomosa Road after seeing the WIN group had an area. I finally managed to join the (W)andering (I)ndividuals (N)etwork and even had Diana Tolerico, who writes the excellent "Life on the Open Road" blog sponsor me into the group.

I am not the "purist" with solar panels that a lot of boondockers are, I only get by with the help of a Honda EU2000i generator. With my electronic laden lifestyle (satellite television, cell phone, Verizon aircard internet and laptop) I can buy a lot of gas for the cost of a photovoltaic system (which experts say will NEVER pay for itself). The other side would say it leaves a smaller carbon footprint (I'm not so sure) (is greener) (less noisy.) However, I almost bought a windmill, and saw a couple mobile ones being put to good use. However, after studying mounting specs, I don't think the metal sided Nash 22h would be a good base to mount it. But in the typical male way, I buy gas and survive nicely, thank you. I moved back out to Dome Rock, (it has faster Internet.)

By the time I get to Yuma, (Feb 3rd,) I will have been in the Quartzsite area an entire month, I went to the big RV tent show, got some bargains there, didn't see much new RV stuff like earlier years though. I have managed to scour the other swap meets in the area for desperately needed items, (like I have room,) I got many items for future projects, but didn't manage to get a compact ladder yet, which I need for some "projects."

Again, Quartzsite has some of the most wonderful sunsets. (and Dome Rock is in the photo.)