Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Delta Dawn, whats that flower.... Oh Delta Shores aka "on an island"

Stayed at Delta Shores RV resort for 2 weeks, Delta Shores is a flower in the center of California, with potlucks and ice cream socials every weekend, it's on Brannon Isle in the Delta area of the Sacramento River. Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, and Stockton are within an easy days drive back and forth (daytrip.) I had a Thanksgiving in nearby Rio Vista, at the Moose Lodge and another on Saturday at the Delta Shores Park. The breeze is usually warm and moist, it's nice and cool at night (50F) and 65F to 70F during the day.

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Unbeknownst to most RV'ers, Delta Shores is a K/M resort, so K/M members only pay two dollars a night here for full hookups. Coast to Coast people pay $8. It's a benefit of having a camping membership.

On checking in, I met one of the McLoeds, I forget which one, not Doug, maybe Kevin, (I've become terrible with names since I don't write them down anymore.) He was cool, we discussed Neskowin Creek resort in Oregon (another K/M resort) and Two Springs resort, (he invited me over since I was going to stay at CatSpa again.)

We went on several daytrips in the area, one was to the Sacramento LDS Temple and one to the Oakland LDS Temple.

Evening Christmas Lights 2007-Oakland

Ready for Christmas-Oakland Temple

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