Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On the Coast.. In the Redwoods..

Stayed at River Grove RV just outside Santa Cruz, Ca. the last two weeks.

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The trees made it very shady for most of the day, I get some early morning sun light like this and a little in the late afternoon. It's very calm and quiet here, the San Lorenzo River is just steps away and Henry Cowell State Park surrounds the RV park.

Under the giant Redwoods

I made several daytrips, I spent a day in Santa Cruz, then the next day drove to Monterey and had dinner. I stopped several places around the bay and checked out the sights, like the Pacific Ocean crashing beaches in front of the oncoming storm. (It rained for 16 hours the next day.)

Monterey Bay in the fog/smog from an overlook on Highway 1

We traveled down to Gilroy, an experience everyone should have, (home of garlic ice cream) and the World Famous Garlic Festival.

On the way back from Gilroy, and passing through the south part of San Jose, I spotted "City Diner-The Fabulous Fiftys" off in the corner of a mall, since it was about seven in the evening, I decided to stop. Glad I did, the chicken fried steak is the best I've had since the Mt. Air cafe in Park City, Ut. The potion was a little small for the price (everything is more expensive in California) but the taste and tenderness was right on. It was covered with pepper base country gravy instead of sausage gravy, but had real mashed potatoes on the side. Score this place a "10" I think it's the best score I've ever given since the Mt. Air.

P.S. Despite the name of the blog, I only get CFS about once a month, I've had so many bad ones, I always hesitate to order, since it ruins my tastebuds for a couple of months.

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