Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trailer modifications

I've been staying near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area at my uncles, I've got full hookups 30A/water/sewer, access to Quad ATV's and a table saw....

First I added a cover to the back bathroom vent, a powered vent/fan to the front bedroom and black water vent. (now I can fully vent...)

So I went whole hog, and changed the inside of my new trailer, I added an inverter (3000 watts)
Image hosted by to provide 120 volts from batteries when off grid, I added storage for my mothers scooter, more storage in the empty spaces under the dinette
Image hosted by
and a charging station/tool stand.
Image hosted by

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After all that, I added an "accumulator" pressure tank, which will assist in saving power, and keep the water pump happy, it also gives some protection against freezing by serving as an expansion tank.

Extra handholds were added throughout, the front door and in the shower, other little things like broom and mop holders, robe hooks, a small desk for the laptop and a 22 inch LCD TV.

I added a Pressure Pro RV tire monitoring system for more safety on the road..

It's been a little bit cooler, mid to low 60's during the day and low 50's to high 40's at night. One night it got to 30F degree for a short time, (nothing froze..) I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday...) Since one person got trampled and killed at the Walmart nearby, and I've heard of others across the nation..

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