Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going green in the RV?

As you know, RV's are quite green, leaving a very small carbon footprint on the earth..
They don't require much to heat or cool, just opening or closing of the windows.. Living in the RV makes it easy to recycle, (when you don't have room to store..) All the cans and bottles get separated and put in the appropriate place...
I buy green.. I bought a green dish brush even.
I started reading the back of the tag, mentally patting myself on the back for "going green" "clean water", "save trees", "conserve energy"... reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, and renew... Package is made..recycled, brush is made..recycled..blah blah blah...

WAIT A MINUTE, whats that last line? I'll tell you, MADE IN CHINA... in small print..(click to enlarge)

So the Chinese make this out of their recycled material, and send it to the U.S. they send their waste over here??? I mean, we're not sending our waste over, letting them make the brush and send it back...

They are sending their waste products to the United States, like ST (special trailer) tires, every ST trailer tire is "made in china" even Goodyear's.. Chinese put melamine in the dog food and and kill off dogs and in human food and kill off infants... I'm wondering what toys are getting recalled this year, because they are "Made in China" and painted with lead paint.. Is there no way out?? More Chinese BS

Oh yeah, I'm still near the Oregon Dunes NRA/Coos Bay, the days are 70F although the nights get to 40F, it's nice and it's good sleeping weather. ;o)

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