Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cleaning a Fiberglass roof in Hagerman, ID.

I've been cleaning up the New Horizons fifth wheel which has been sitting in my mothers driveway since April 2008, the last time Diesel shot up over $4... Since getting my lot in Seaview, WA. I have been planning to move the 5th wheel up. I am cleaning it up a bit, checking all the seams, getting the tubes of Dicor ready, or maybe just Eternabond the seams, that should keep any Washington weather out....

The roof (fiberglass) was sprayed with a mix of Dawn and Bleach, allowed to set for a minute or so and then pressure washed, as you can see the dirt and grime just fly off and the roof is restored to the white beauty.

I'll get it loaded up and out of here, I should be back up in Washington by July 15th, but I'm missing a bunch of my friends comedy up in Seattle, Check out Abbey Drake on Facebook.. or on YouTube (p.s. I knew her when...)

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  1. We had heard about the lots in Seaview, WA a couple years ago but never could find them. Then, we read more about them this year so ended up with yet another one at Lake Merwin. We're currently a little south of you by Rockaway Beach and love the area. We just wish we could blow some of this rain and cool weather some place else!!

    Just Wanderin'