Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One of my projects in Seaview, GM 1999-2007 classic Door bushings and hinge pins

GM 1999-2007 classic Door bushings and hinge pins

My door was drooping a bit after 148000 miles, so I spiffed it up.

Using instructions from heymccall on the Diesel Place forum.

1. Roll the window down.
2. Remove door sill plate (pull straight up, starting at the front)
3. Remove kick panel (1st, pull firewall edge of the kickpanel towards the center of the truck to release that edge, then pull the pillar side of cover toward the rear of the truck)

4. Undo rubber accordion in in the hinge area by rolling the edge on the A-pillar away from the A-pillar. (only need to do one side)

5. Depress the two tabs on the white plastic insert (revealed in step 4) and slide it up the harness toward the door.
6. Now unplug the door harness that was made accessible in step three and pull it out thru the hole in the A-pillar.
7. Place the door halfway closed and remove the 10mm headed bolt on the door post that holds the door check.
8. Open the door fully and remove the single 10mm headed bolt in each hinge.
9. Standing in the door opening, grab the inner door grab/armrest and lift the door straight up and carry it away. (or lay it on a handy table)

10. Follow the instructions in this kit that you will have pre-purchased

(a) cut swaged pins off (4.5 inch angle grinder/cutter blade worked well)

(b) pull out pins with Vise Grips and/or light taps from hammer/punch, don't bend the hinges out of alignment...

(c) pop out old cheap GM bushings

(d) install new bushings and pins by pulling them in with a nut, then using a lock nut to hold them per instructions in kit


11. Reinstall door by reversing steps 1 thru 9.

It was rather fun and reassuring the number of people that came around to see what this crazy guy was doing now... One week, the front hub assembly, and the next week the door.

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