Thursday, June 16, 2011

Workin' on the Lot

A while back I wrote about buying an RV lot in Seaview, Washington, the lot is about a mile from the beach. I've been working on the lot getting it ready for my New Horizons fifth wheel to be moved onto it. Below are the photos from the Safari Associations website, it already had a 1991 thirty one (31) foot Dutchman trailer on it, which is in poor shape, as a tree had fallen on it a couple of years ago, but someone rebuilt the front part of the trailer. I'm making it into a storage area and workshop.

Below is the same lot, I turned the Dutchman around and have been fighting the weeds, I am down to gravel in some places now. The small Nash trailer will be moved so I can fit the larger New Horizons fifth wheel in it's place. I'll get the fifth wheel set up sometime in mid-July. So Saturday or Sunday I'll be heading back down to Hagerman, ID. to get the fifth wheel ready.

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