Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A reason to like the West Coast

One of the reasons to like the West Coast is the Sunsets, the most beautiful sunsets are here. Now I suppose if you live on the East Coast you could brag about the sunrises, I'm never up at that time of day anymore, so I could care less about the sunrise. (It's enough just to wake up these days. Whether the sun is up or not, the question does not arise until I poke my head outside.) One of the reasons to dislike the West Coast is California, which takes up a majority of the coast. (Is there a joke there?) I could go on with California jokes here, from Guv Ahnold to Hollywood Hijinks. I say it's a fine place to visit briefly, as long as you can afford it. I am here on the Long Beach Peninsula (Washington) enjoying Stud Clam Chowder once again at the Portside Cafe. A friend in the area also recommends Chico's Pizza, says all the locals dig it.

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