Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I spent some time

Spent some time mapping all the places I've been with my trailer, and how many miles I've put on it, and on my truck...

I bought my GMC Sierra Duramax/Allison pickup in March 2004 and now have just over 101,000 miles on it, my first tank of diesel in Kellogg, Idaho cost me $1.83 a gallon.... (4.69 gal today)

I picked up the trailer in Houston, Tx. in April 2005, what a fun trip with a friend, although it could have turned out better, we had fun.... That first trip with the trailer from Houston to Hagerman, Id. was 2160 miles in less than a week. Since I bought the trailer I have put 27,120 miles on it. I've spent about $4000 on upgrades, ($1600 LP genset, $750 rubber pin box, $440 in new rims, $440 in new tires, $300 Surge/Overvoltage Guard, and a few odds and ends.)

I really have enjoyed it all, I've learned a few things, made some new friends and renewed some old friendships.... I look back on my life and pity people who don't take a chance, that always play it safe, those who don't stop and smell the roses..... Slow down, take a look around, and appreciate what you have..

Love and Bless y'all...

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