Monday, May 26, 2008


In the last two weeks, I have been incredibly lucky finding two friends from college days.. And another from work.. One started me skiing, the other I took skiing and maybe started skiing, (it's been a long time,) the third I skied and raced against.
All are still incredible and have done much with their lives. Each helping humanity in their own way. I feel honored to know them and count them as friends.

The first, whom I knew quite well, has become internationally famous as an actress. From humble beginnings in Utah, through college in Rock Springs, Wy. and onto the University of Utah. There she gave great performances in local theaters, including the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Ut. She eventually left Utah and went to Southern California, where all promising actors go, I guess. She called me on Saturday, (5/24) after hiking in the mountains, and told me about her life since I had last seen her in SoCal/2002. Such a gripping story, but alas, it is hers to tell, when and if she wishes. I still hope she publishes her poems and some more of her art. I have told her, no matter how famous she becomes, she will still be in my heart.

Onto the second, growing up in western Wyoming, and going to college in Rock Springs, Wy., then moving out into the world into Respiratory Therapy. I happened to be on the Internet reading about the first (famous) friend (FFF) and a chance comment left in a blog caught my eye, (an indication FFF was known to the second person,) through the comment section and subsequent emails, I think communication has once again been established. It will be fascinating to hear this story also.

The third person, (from work) will be met in warmer climes in the coming year, I hope, maybe sooner as you never can tell...... (it's cooler in August in Washington State) :o)

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