Thursday, April 30, 2009

Working on Sticks and Bricks in Idaho

Okay, I'm working in the back yard at my mothers house in Idaho, killing weeds and wasps. I hear a chittering sound and look around, lo and behold, I've got an observer watching me and commenting on my lack of motivation. Sitting up on the power pole is this little guy, calmly eating a walnut and making comments. I finish up in the back yard and go to the front.....

And I get followed, this guy is like a supervisor, a micro-manager at that, reminds of some people at work. He's up in the tree watching me intently, as I walk around the tree for fun, he follows, keeping me in sight. This is one of three squirrels that play in the yard, sometimes they are playing tag, sometimes wrestling, and always looking for the next bite.

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