Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Movin a friend...

Here I am at the top of the world? At least the top of the US, heading into Washington after a short jaunt to Canada. I was staying in Birch Bay, Washington (Beechwood, K/M Resort) helping a friend move from Bellingham to Kent.

We got the move completed in three days/three trips so she had time to try to put her place together in Kent. She's changing jobs and changing lives, going back to the creative side, from management. She's professionally accomplished goals I could only aspire to, from being a House Manager for a major theater and supervising over two hundred employees and volunteers, to acting in TV shows, and starring in films.

The traffic in the Seattle area is driving me crazy, I'm not used to the hurry up and wait in line, it's so pointless a lot of the time. The Bellingham area was so beautiful and peaceful compared to Kent. I'm currently at Lake Sawyer RV resort in Black Diamond, Wa., it's the closest affiliate(RPI/C2C) to Kent/Seattle. As usual, they try to stuff too many RV's into a small space.

Lots of people step out the front door right at the sewer connection, a result of poor planning (pull-thrus are slanted the wrong way,) and the power is about 20 amps on 30 amp hookups, there are no 50 amp hookups here. The resort has been around a long time and RV's have gotten larger may be one reason.

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