Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm still in Las Vegas, currently residing at the Main Street Station RV park. Ok, it's a parking lot with hookups, and at six in the morning I was awoken with loud crashes and screeches. I look out the window and see a nearby building being demolished, it even looks like a nice sunrise (something I don't see a lot of.) I walked out and took a few photos, when my flash went off, a couple of workers ran and got a fire hose and began watering down the building. (guilty conscience?) I went back in my condo on wheels and put in earplugs (memories of sleeping after graveyard shift) and slept peacefully till noon. Fremont Street Experience and Light Show is less than three blocks away, so we went and experienced it for about 4 shows during an evening. I'm waiting for the northern US to warm up, and I'll head north, theres things to to do and people to see, passports to pick up and puppy dogs to get checked out by the vet.

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