Thursday, March 06, 2008

My final week in QZ

I'm leaving Quartzsite on March 9th, my birthday and heading to Las Vegas. It's been fun, I didn't upgrade nearly as much this year, I did all the big stuff last year. I worked on my metal awning covers a bit, making them a bit more sturdy. I did invest in some more tools, still a lot of tool venders in town for some reason. I cleaned and polished the truck and trailer some. It's hard with the water here leaving large salt spots if you don't dry it off immediately, it felt like a losing battle. I did some work on the internet situation, getting a wireless print server and modifying it to receive wifi internet to multiple computers in the trailer. It's using the print server backwards from what it was meant to be, but it works very well and will work well in long term situations. It's not the quickest setup I've used. I need to hack the code a bit and make it more user friendly.

Here is a map to where I've been staying, there is a gray rooftop in the lower left quadrant near the cross roads, a brown rectangle just to the left (concrete slab) I'm parked about 20 feet west (left) of the "slab", last year I was parked on the slab,

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