Sunday, September 23, 2007


I'm really sorry, I tried to upload my photos and the computer I was using began doing strange things to my compact flash card, now the photos can't be accessed. I'm working on the card, but am not holding out much hope for the photo's to be recovered. I had some of the International Kite Fest that I promised and a few signs along the way.

We retreated from Chinook and went down to Neskowin Creek for a while, just above Lincoln City, Oregon. There are five used book stores in Lincoln City, I added a few to my Laurell K. Hamilton collection and finished up a Janet Evanovich collection for my mother.

So the rig is now in NorthBend/Coos Bay at my uncles, full hookups 1.5 miles from the ocean and free, ( less the occasional buying a dinner). My mother and I traveled to Hagerman, Idaho to winterize her house and pick up her car. It seems she will spend the winter in North Bend or perhaps on the road with me. I'm going to travel around Washington State for a month, then journey down to Quartzsite, stopping at Delta Shores near Isleton, Ca., River Grove near Santa Cruz, Ca. and Catspa near Desert Hot Springs, Ca. First of the year I'll be back in Quartzsite, Az. keeping warm and NOT SHOVELING SNOW, not worrying about the cold, the flu or slipping and getting hurt. Although I will miss that great Event, the Sundance Film Festival,"snort". I'm still trying for some photos as I think many times a "picture can say a thousand words." I'll leave a short video on a shoplifter in Aberdeen. :Video:

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