Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wow.... IQuad kite team

If you ever want to see magic in the air (or indoors) you should check out the IQuad kite flying team. I am currently in Chinook/Ilwaco/Long Beach, Washington attending the International Kite Festival once again. Seems I enjoy the weather, the colors and the area a lot. Back to the story, I watched the team last night fly LED lighted kites, in a magical dance of beauty, passion and rhythm. It was truly awe inspiring, and no way to get pictures of these fast moving marvels. Dancing in the sky appeared simple, from old fashioned starbursts to playing tag and follow the leader, the kites took on a life of their own. I highly recommend anyone within reach of a kite festival to attend and watch these highly skilled pilots. They even fly indoors, without wind, to the delight of grownups and children alike.

I will be posting some kite photos again soon.

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