Saturday, July 01, 2006

What would you like for dinner?

I just checked to see if anyone else wrote about chicken fried steaks. Would you believe there are over 200,000 entries about chicken fried steak???? thats outrageous...

I found a good one though. Don't you just hate it when you go out to dinner and you ask the other person what they want to eat. The answer seems to be, "I don't know" you pick something you like.. My answer lately has been "Sushi" or "Sashimi"; the female throws up her hands in disgust. Heres one for the books though. Lets go eat, dear!

Chicken Fried Sushi


  1. Ron, it's good to see you out and about and moving on from PCPD. I'm sorry I missed out on your retirement bash at Broken Thumb, I would have loved to have stopped by (minus the police car, of course). Hope you have a fun adventure and I look forward to reading your blog as strange happenings and questionable CFS cross your path. My only question is, who is "we" in that RV? You got a mouse in your pocket? See ya, Scott (3K18 before greener pastures sought me out)

  2. Fri Jul 7 09:13:43 2006 (pacific)
    United States
    MSIE 6.0

    Looks like a verizon notebook logged in and made a comment about Scott. Laf,
    Thanks Scott, didn't know you were into reading odd blogs, although the some of the good stuff has not been typed here yet. It's coming up on 2 months and I don't have my retirement badge/ID, so I'm not ready to kill the fatted cow yet.

    The "we" is frequently my 82 year old mother, although a cute little *******,(*(*&^^%#$ oops, still can't let that cat out of the bag, the Prince would have a fit.