Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 4th-Spokane, Wa.

A view of Riverfront Park and the falls near the fireworks display.

I spent July 4th in Spokane, Washington, watched fireworks at Riverfront Park, what a treasure. Soon afterwards nature treated me to natural fireworks as I stayed and watched a lightning storm roll into town. I stayed in nearby Cheney at Jellystone Park, although they didn't like me on my electric scooter and had to chase me down. Seems they equate the scooter with skateboards and even though gray haired, they would not let me ride. I stayed in the area about 5 days and then on to Moscow. Of course I had to try a chicken fried steak in the area.

Frankie Doodles has no noodles, but they have a hella large CFS. Check this out, an 11 oz. CFS, covered in gravy with eggs and more gravy covered hashbrowns, with butter soaked bread. This true heart attack on two plates cost just $7.95 at Frankie Doodles of Spokane. I even like the name, which is the real reason I stopped.


  1. Ah, The pagentry and patriotism of the 4th of July. Sitting along Riverfront Park, watching a fireworks display sounds wonderful, picturesque, and even inspiring. But how does it compare to the images of this beautiful little mountain town? Let's take a walk down memory lane.

    Picture if you will, a chilling breeze blowing from the West and a light flury of snow landing on your face, as you stood at an intersection and argued with dozens of people , each more important and influential than the next. Each, somehow beleiving that the privledge of being a wealthy American would allow them to drive down a street filled with pedestrians, parade entries, and unleashed dogs.

    And then the parade begins! Truly a sight to behold. Cleverly decorated snowplows and heavy equipment, followed by old landscaping trailers adorned with spent beer cans and newspapers, scores of intoxicated adults (at 9AM by the way) mingling with children.......and just when you think that the patriotism welling inside you could not get any more intense, you hear it. The most patroitic sound one could imagine! Sweeter to your ears than the ringing of the liberty bell itself. Its a trailer filled with burned out hippies, wearing wild roses that they raided from some old lady's garden, beating on pots and pans! Sweet Music! As though the spirit of Francis Scott Key himself were riding with them. You truly feel the spirit of American Patriotism flowing through your body, and at that moment you are so proud of the countless souls who spilled their blood on the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, they must know that this is what they died for.

    You must temper your feelings though, or you won't make it through this special day. From the parade, the patriotic crowd will move to the sanctity of City Park, which everyone knows is the place to go and pop open a cool one and sit among the abandonded children at the playground, or to just sit back and watch the good old American past-time, RUGBY! Ah, smell the alcohol vapor in the air, and the dog shit on your shoes....America, God shed his grace on thee.

    And then back to event that launched this beautiful excursion down memory lane. Fireworks! Countless families making the trip up from the city, to get out of the heat and away from the crime. Children huddled together with their parents watching the brilliant colors explode against the backdrop of the Wasatch....and then seeing a man take a swan dive from a third story window and landing with a thud in the middle of a crowded plaza. An LSD trip gone bad (or good, depending on how you look at it). And to end this beautiful mountain festival, one of your fellow officers receives a bite wound to the hand from the female half of the LSD trip. So much to take in, what a beautiful special place. God Bless America and our beautiful mountain town!

    Enjoy being gone!!!!!!!!

  2. Did you say you were riding a scooter?