Thursday, June 01, 2006


Yesterday I left my house of 5+ years, the city bought it, and the money is in the bank already. Park City Title was quick about it, didn't know there was going to be a eight dollar wire transfer fee though, part of the quick service I guess. The agony of getting rid of all my junk to go on the road was so time consuming, I could not believe it. And it was great for Park City to have it's clean-up month at the same time. Whoot, free dumpsters, I estimate I took over 60 large bags and boxes to the dumpsters, I figure it was 16 years of junk that I saved and now is gone. A little went to storage, a little went to Idaho. I had two neighbors stop by besides LW, they both made comments on the increasing presence of cars parked on the street and the high number of people occupying the units, one guy said he counted 20 people in the one unit and 6 cars. Just a small violation of the CCR's on the cars, but after all it's a public street. I never did figure that one out, homeowners/renters HAD to park in their driveways and garages, but anyone including hordes of high school kids can park on the street. (just not homeowners)

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