Friday, June 16, 2006

In Zion

After many years of living in Utah, (now that I no longer live there,) I finally saw some of the wonderful scenery, I took my time to stop and check it out. Here is a shot of my 5th wheel, we just stopped to use the potty, makes it very convenient.

The size and grandeur of Zions Nat'l Park make it really hard to show it in a few photos, I recommend everyone take some time to see the world in their backyard and smell the flowers. It's hard to do when someone is checking your every step.

P.S. Only chicken fried steak I had was in LaVerkin, rate it a 4, gristle and cold gravy, although the scone was fair.


  1. Ron:
    You missed pehaps the best chicken-fried steak in Utah. Just outside the gates of Zion, sits a small, yet unassuming, restaurant called the "Pioneer." Reputedly the largest portions in the state and out-of-this-world sausage gravy. Did I forget to mention the rolls???? This gut-buster would have easily cracked your top ten! I suspect sloppy intelligence gathering for this oversight. Remeber, you are the world's foremost authority concerning CFS; therefore, missing a CFS of this magnitude is akin to heresy.

  2. Ahh, my intell gathering crew is at work... I actually had a CFS at Sweet Williams just outside Hurricane, not LaVerkin as I stated and it was nothing to write home about. But I'll be glad to correct the oversight next time I'm through there!!!

  3. hi there
    we were parked in the same spot in quartzite,quite the place.when your in oregon,try the clam chowder soup in newport.the cake is well known,down by down waterfront,can't remember the name of cafe,sorry. if you make it to canada we live in alberta,stop by if you like.very beautiful in summer, happy camping