Friday, May 12, 2006

Wings and Things

Time to spread my wings!!

Yep, I'm retired..... had the little party in the City Council chambers. got my plaque and memories book. A big card (20"x30") and all the cute pastries. Chief Evans was wandering around with a camera, so I'm sure photos will appear here in the comments one of these days. Both Lt's made an appearance. I was glad to see Building Inspector and Fire Marshall Ron Ivie drop by, he's good to work with. Sheriff Edmunds, Chief Deputy Booth and Narc Sgt. Hendrickson dropped by, all people I worked with and respect. Many others were there, some good friends and some acquaintances from the city. I can't name them all. The real party is tonight at the Broken Thumb, wings and drinks is the name of the game. I know several officers that will be leaving the cop cars home tonight. Should be a good time. It's something after 26 years of work to see it end. I wonder sometimes if I really did any good in the world, it didn't seem to help, our society is still going down the drain. Maybe I haven't had my defining moment yet!

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