Sunday, May 07, 2006

And that reminds me.... A tale about a stinker..

About the worst chicken fried steak I ever had, this was so bad..... It'll stay in my mind forever I think. The date was 10-10-2003.. Driving back from Coos Bay, Oregon with my mother... We stopped at the Black Canyon Junction Fuel Stop( I-84, Idaho), a Stinker station, you know the one with the cute little skunk on the sign. A cafe sits on the property, you drive up, shoulder your way past greasy bo'd truckers and sit down at the table, choking slightly on the haze of cigarette smoke in the air. I should have walked away. I ordered a CFS naturally, and until I find something worse (which I hope I never do) this CFS becomes the bottom baseline to rate all future CFS.
Called: Chicken fried steak
Steak: 1-tough as shoe leather, griddle fried, half burnt and half raw.
Breading: 1-greasy, burnt or gooey depending on the section
Gravy: 1-you want gravy on that, hun? (we only have white gravy in the morning, hun, we might have some brown gravy back there.)
Sides: 1-overcooked watery green beans, need I say more?
Presentation: 1-truckers cafe, smoking allowed, and the waitress calling me "hun"
Overall: 1-of course (no minus allowed)

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