Friday, July 02, 2010

Not a good day, View from the Front...

While traveling through Boise Idaho heading out from the Northwood Rally, I... well I'll let the photos talk first.

A semi-truck in front of me tossed "something" into my lane, not able to avoid it completely, I ran over it and kicked it up into the trailer. I checked when I stopped and found this.

A few pictures and an email to Dave Mann/Northwood brought back the quick response, of an $800 job. Looks like I'll be heading back to LaGrande, Or. But for the moment, I'm in Hagerman Id. and will be doing my yearly Bratwurst sales with the Moose(Lodge #305,) in Buhl ID. for the Fourth of July Celebration at the Park.
Mid-July I'll be heading to Seattle to see a close friend, back to LaGrande, Or. for a July 26th appointment to get the trailer fixed, then over to the Coast (Or.-Wa.) again. Aug. 11th, I'll be in the Long Beach, Wa. area, I'll meet up with the WIN's again.

As usual, the plans are written in Jello, (green you know.)

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