Monday, September 28, 2009

I can't stop...

The Modifications. I look at the trailer and see ways to make things better, since I've got time on my hands, I grab cutters, welders, grinders and paint cans and go to work. Check out the following additions to the bumper boxes and trailer.

I took my boxes off, added a pair of holes through the base for a hitch pin and welded on a 3/8 nut (with hole behind it), so I could tighten anything I put in the tube down tight.

The rear tire folding down makes a nice spot for holding bags, but can I make this more useful?

It only goes down part way? Hmmm...

A couple of cuts with a 4.5 inch metal cutting wheel, a hammer and a pair of visegrips bend the metal.

OK I made the tire lie down flat, it holds things better now. But can I make it better?

Holds all the bags unloaded from the box, but?

Just steal the table top off a small 30 inch wide table and bolt it on the tire carrier.

Folded up and reinforced with small metal plate.

Looks almost normal with tire on.

Table folded out, ready for work and to stack stuff on. But I need a light to work on things in the evening.

So I added a 12 volt light with a switch, on the 22H, the bathroom light switch is directly behind the outside light, making it easy access and hookup to 12 volts.

I had space between the trailer and boxes, I had to fill it...
My friend gave me a couple of 5.25 inch vinyl fence posts, (check background below) he was getting rid of them. so I used them to hold things. Like Sewer tubes and rain gutter slinky support.

A bit wider view.

I still have access to drain the water heater.

Arrrghhh... Woke up early Saturday to a phone call, decided to stay up, so I went down to the steel yard and bought a 6 foot piece of steel, ($11) 1.5 inch square tube x .083, Got out the chop saw, the grinder and the MIG, a couple of spray cans and began cutting, grinding, welding, and painting, horrible day. This is what I came up with...

Notice the T handle bolt on the bottom of the sat dish pole, it tightens up fine, rock solid dish mount, about 270-280 degree view of the sky depending on the side I put the mount on, I made the other pole just to have a blank, maybe a flag pole, lantern pole, bug lantern, what ever, maybe I need to cut it and mount a grill.

The poles are offset from the locks, so the boxes are still accessible.

Hmmm, now maybe a rear awning is in order, so I can work on things during the day, or maybe an umbrella on one of my poles to block the sun.

9-28-09, I'm headed to Idaho to get my mothers place winterized so she can head out to the coast. I'll be back in Rock Springs Thursday or Friday, just in time for below freezing weather. A stopover in Salt Lake to pick up and drop off items, and to see my beautiful friends.

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  1. Ron, you are a pimp. I thought you were only capable of making mutant paint ball markers. I'm glad to see you've found something else you're as passionate about!

    Good times brother,