Friday, June 12, 2009

This story starts long ago, but technology fell short.

Then again, some people say the "old way" is the best way. The photos you see here were taken on film in the 1985 - 1986 era and recently digitized. Some of them have appeared elsewhere, although the copyright remains mine. I will include some of the posts appearing on Facebook.

The Classic Pose ie: Bad Girl

A small rant about Actors, Authors, Dancers and Photographers, and about the whole creative process, the motivation, the research, the choreography and the composition, I realize it is hard work with a little luck (and run-on sentences) that make the dream, the quest, the move and the shot come true for the artist inside.

If I could add the poetry that touched my heart, the comedy that makes me laugh, the film that makes me cry, and the paintings that bedazzle the eye, the story should be told that reaches into my soul, but alas, it is not mine to tell, I have but one chapter, one piece, that is mine, I hold it dearly, for it is the foundation of a love and a life...

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