Sunday, November 26, 2006

Birds of a feather?

A great egret at Fort Clinch

Little blue heron stationed under the above egret

Surveying his kingdom, outside my fifthwheel. (Coopers Hawk)

A pair of great egrets on Tamiami Trail

The most fascinating bird, the American Darter, aka anhinga, when I first saw this, I thought it was a snake in the water until it climbed out totally wet and dried off the wings to fly.

Check out this four in one photo. I'm not sure what the bottom bird is, American darter on the top, great blue heron in the second position, snowy egret in the third center position.

Looking for dinner?

Stayed for 3 weeks in this neat state, taking my time to watch birds from Fort Clinch to Tamiami Trail.


  1. You can mess with the little ones!

  2. Excellent bird pictures. I really liked the one with the "gator". I bet it was fun to take. LV